IndieLand 2021: Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars follows the journey of the Children of the Solstice. Valere the Moongirl is equipped with a magical moonstaff for long-distance spell attacks.

Sea of Stars is a retro-inspired turn-based RPG based in a world of magic and monsters. Join the two Children of the Solstice, who must combine their magical powers from the moon and sun to cast Eclipse Magic, and defeat the evil alchemist known only as The Fleshmancer.

Fans of classic turn-based RPGs are in for a real treat with Sea of Stars, which combines elements of old-school epic storytelling but refreshes the entire feel of the genre with features like dynamic lighting, custom-made rendering, and boundary-pushing 2D pixel art.

IndieLand 2021 showcased a first-reveal Twitch livestream of Sea of Stars gameplay on Sunday 19th September 2021, featuring gaming YouTuber Jirard Khalil (a.k.a. TheCompletionist) while raising money for dementia research.

Sea of Stars

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A Star-Studded Beginning

Sabotage Studios, the development team behind Sea of Stars, are no strangers to making waves in the indie world.

The Quebec-based studio enjoyed massive success with their debut in the indie gaming scene, the award-winning and enormously popular retro platformer game The Messenger in 2018.

The second game on their roster, Sea of Stars is based in the same universe as The Messenger, and comes as a prequel to the original story. Featuring new characters and story arcs, we’re not yet sure if there will be any crossover characters or plotlines. That said, knowing Sabotage Studio’s tendency for plot twists and drama, we’re sure there will be one or two easter eggs in Sea of Stars that fans of The Messenger can sink their teeth into, while still being accessible to newcomers to the franchise.

Sea of Stars

Magical Combat With Original Characters

Sea of Stars follows the journey of the Children of the Solstice. Valere the Moongirl is equipped with a magical moonstaff for long-distance spell attacks, while Zale the Sunboy wields his own sunblade for close combat with deadly enemies.

Together, encounter strong magical beasts, intriguing sidequests, and challenging platforming puzzles as you travel across the planes in search of the evil alchemist The Fleshmancer.

Along their journey, Valere and Zale befriend dozens of original characters from sorceresses and historians to incredibly durable cooks, who will join them on their quest in true RPG form.

Enroll your newfound friends to perform powerful multi-character combo attacks, magical boosts, and strategic defense positions to outwit and overpower your foes.

A Classic RPG, Modernised

There are plenty of exciting gameplay features in Sea of Stars to get excited for. For one, the invisible terrain walls of most fantasy RPGs – such as ledges or lakes – can now be completely traversed, opening up the world to more platforming adventures.

Whether you swim or dive underwater, leap over treacherous mountains, or climb up nail-bitingly high cliffs, break away from the classic tile-based movement and immerse yourself into a more open-world game experience.

Sea of Stars

Fantasy RPG fans who groan at the idea of grinding will also be delighted to hear that Sabotage removed the usual random encounters and jarring battlefield scene transitions from the game, to keep gameplay engaging without detracting from the main action.

Where to find Sea of Stars

While there’s no official release date announced for Sea of Stars just yet, the development team have confirmed that the game will be launched for both PC and consoles sometime in 2022.

In the meantime, Sabotage Studio is still beavering away on this exciting prequel installation to The Messenger universe, teasing plenty of unique additions to Sea of Stars from new levels, new DLC, and even new characters yet to be revealed to us.

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