IndieLand 2021: Elsie

With sci-fi lore and rouguelite inspirations, Elsie is a 2D action-platformer that promises to be quite replayable.

Knight Shift Games’ fourth game Elsie is a technicolour platformer adventure with procedurally generated levels and a level-up system. Several files are available from the developer’s, but the date of release is yet to be announced. Join us on a journey into the game’s sci-fi world and check out what Knight Shift Games hope to achieve with Elsie.

Meet Elsie: the android Dr. Grey created in memory of her daughter

Knight Shift Games’

Knight Shift Games have a website and an page that show the developers’ interest in action-adventure, platforming, 2D games, and pixel graphics. The three previous games, which are rather small, and, in the case of Nirvastrom, unfinished, all share at least some features with Elsie. The latest game, Euphorium, looks technicolour, too. But despite that, the four other games of Knight Shift Games appear unique and offer some diversity for those who prefer 2D or 3D games, adventure or platforming, dark or technicolour worlds. We will keep following Knight Shift Games for more developments.

Knight Shift Games
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Elsie uses bright, often acidic colors. It is dominated by purple, pink, and green, which stand out against blue and black. The player will encounter colourful enemies and obstacles as they travel through procedurally-generated levels.


The post-apocalyptic sci-fi world of Elsie


The style meshes well with the game’s story. You are an android made by a scientist in the name of her daughter Elsie, who was lost to an experiment. The same incident started a planet-wide series of catastrophes that guardian androids were created to manage. While most of them are away investigating a new catastrophe, a sudden robot attack destroys the Wharf, which served as a station for the guardians. As the last of the androids in Wharf, Elsie sets out to investigate the problem that the guardians had been sent to deal with. In other words, Elsie explores a world that is both sci-fi and post-apocalyptic. Brightly coloured ruins will serve as a setting for your platforming and action.

Ruins are the setting for your exploration

Roguelite and Platformer Inspirations

The developers point out that their levels are made of handcrafted rooms, which are connected together to create diverse levels and for replayability. Permanent death is another critical element, as are level-ups and a lot of items to choose from. The main inspiration that the developers cite is Megaman, which started as a platformer but grew into a roguelite.

Elsie is a platformer with roguelite elements

The core gameplay of Elsie consists of running, jumping, avoiding obstacles, fighting enemies, and leveling up, which, by the way, is done on the run. There will be several classes to choose from, and each will come with its own gameplay features and items. The items are, appropriately, sci-fi: you will be using the advanced technology of guardians.


A core ability of the game is replayability. Aside from classes, playstyles, items, and skills, Elsie can switch up theorder of levels. In fact, modifiers are planned to be added to the game to make every run as simple or as difficult as you want. And don’t forget that everything is randomly generated from treasures and shops to challenges and bosses.

Customise your run and have fun


With sci-fi lore and rouguelite inspirations, Elsie is a 2D action-platformer that promises to be quite replayable. The technicolor ruins of your civilization will serve as a setting to your exploration, and classes and level-ups will help you in customising your gameplay.

The game will be released on PC and Switch, with the date still to be determined.

Check the and Steam pages of Elsie.