Into The Echo: ETLOK Studios announce upcoming time-travel MMORPG

Into The Echo is still in development, ETLOK Studios invites MMORPG fans and players to take part in a round of Pre-Alpha Testing coming soon.

Immerse yourself in a magical world of planet Raava in the new MMORPG, Into The Echo. Developed by Toronto-based game developer ETLOK Studios, Into The Echo heralds a refreshing new era of MMORPGs, with next-generation social interactions with an emphasis on player diversity and mental health awareness.

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Announced in August 2021 and currently in development, Into The Echo combines the traditional mechanics of resource collection, crafting, puzzles, and combat you’d expect in the genre, but with an all-new time-travel element. Find your place in the world and work together as a community to dig into the planet’s hidden past to secure its future.

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The Time-Travelling World of Raava

In Into The Echo, players inhabit the new world of Raava, and have been gifted with a unique ability called Qen. Use your newfound powers to your advantage to master crafts, fight for your factions, and dive deep into the hidden mysteries and lore on the planet.

The game world of Into The Echo is vast, with entirely new tribes, flora, fauna, and lore for players to explore and enjoy. Inhabitants must travel back in time to unlock the secrets of Raava’s past, and while little has been mentioned so far about the exact time-travel elements of gameplay, we’re very excited to hear more as the game’s development unfolds.

Each choice you make affects your in-game reputation, allowing you to build your own unique identity to find your place in the world. Whether you’re a legendary code-breaker, or a fledgling explorer, Into The Echo harbors an innovative progression system to keep players coming back again and again.

Factoring in both PvP and PvE elements, Into The Echo is set up with plenty of adventures and formidable community challenges for Raava’s inhabitants to undertake. Each community challenge requires different individual skills to solve, with rewards reaped by the entire community when each obstacle is conquered.

Into The Echo concept art - Cotopi Burial Grounds

Say Goodbye To Grinding

Toronto-based ETLOK Studios are working hard to create a unique MMORPG that has a strong commitment to mental wellness, actively discarding many aspects of social gaming that can lead to toxicity and negativity typically seen in other games in the genre.

Pay-to-win, pay-for-convenience, and microtransactions are completely scrapped from Into The Echo, as well as incessant grinding and ‘unhealthy’ behaviors seen in many MMORPGs.

“Building a fantastic game and promoting mental well-being are not mutually exclusive,” says Akshay Kolte, co-founder of ETLOK Studios. “We believe that by removing the barriers to inclusivity, discarding experiences that induce social anxiety, and promoting an environment of mutual respect, we can enrich a gameplay experience.”

Diversity Doesn’t Stop At Aesthetics

While traditional MMORPGs have a tendency to paint their players into categories, boxed off by different aesthetics or abilities, ETLOK Studios have announced a more individualized take for the world of Into The Echo.

“When we speak of character diversity, we don’t just mean in terms of looks, classes or races,” says Kolte. “We are addressing diversity of purpose, where each player has a unique identity based on their own purpose derived from the actions they take and the role they choose to play.”

Into The Echo emphasizes the importance of character diversity, by allowing players to forge their own identities in the game world, with their own unique purposes to keep inhabitants interacting with the world rather than just occupying it. For any MMORPG fans who are tired of sacrificing aesthetics for class abilities (or vice versa), this will be news to your ears.

Into The Echo concept art - temple environment and characters

Sign Up For Pre-Alpha Testing For Into The Echo

While Into The Echo is still in development, ETLOK Studios invites MMORPG fans and players to take part in a round of Pre-Alpha Testing coming soon. Through community feedback and suggestions, this is a unique opportunity to influence the game building process of what hopes to be a new dawn for the MMORPG genre.

Register today to take part in the Pre-Alpha testing for Into The Echo and experience the magic of Raava.