It’s a Big, Bad Brawl in GigaBash

It’s a match made in heaven, but will likely leave hell for all of us here on Earth. Passion Republic Games are bringing out the big guns–and monsters with GigaBash, the multiplayer arena brawler featuring an epic battle between kaijus and heroes.

GigaBash Video Game

In this massive game, up to 4 players battle enter a small, yet epic battle royale for primal dominance. With a variety of Tokusatsu-inspired Titans to choose from, chaos ensues as you unleash their deadly movesets in large, fully-destructible arenas.

Additionally, Online Mode allows players to enjoy Free-for-All, Teamplay, and Duel Mode with players around the world. The game fully supports cross-gen crossplay for both Playstation iterations.

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GigaBash Video Game

For PC players, Steam and Epic Games Store-users can connect via the same matchmaking pool, but Steam to Epic crossplay via direct friend invitation, and PC to PlayStation crossplay are not supported.

Lastly, all the solo players can immerse themselves in the chaotically fun Story Mode. The single-player mode features four campaigns featuring Gorogong, Pipijuras, Woolley, and Thundatross–some heavy hitters, indeed. There’s quite a bit of backstory, lore, and collectibles to enjoy in the short campaign mode, but nonetheless, it’s nice to have that alternative to the competitive kaiju beatdowns.

GigaBash is currently available via the Epic Games Store, Steam, and PlayStation.


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