One Dreamer Video Game

One Dreamer will Tug on Your Indie Dev Heartstrings

GarethDev is going full-on meta with their new title, One Dreamer a game that may hit a bit close to home, especially for those who work in the game industry’s belly of the beast. It’s a story-driven, 2D pixel art game that’s keen on combining a nice #feels trip with some simple, yet solid gameplay.

The story revolves around Frank, a burnt out indie game developer, who’s at wits’ end, and under tremendous pressure. The goal is to help him rediscover his pure, unadelterated love for video games while helping him push to release his very first title.

One Dreamer Video Game

The game allows you to reprogram objects, fix bugs and solve coding puzzles–just like the real deal. Behind these mechanics, you’ll find a narrative-driven, emotional plot that also gives us a peek behind the curtain of indie game development.

One Dreamer Video Game

One intriguing mechanic involves real, but easy to understand pseudocode puzzles based on C#. Aside from going about the story, you’ll be editing snippets of code with Frank, while also engaging in fun mini games on the side. 

The game also features an extensive, fully-voiced cast of charming characters and a wide range of atmospheric, pixel by pixel drawn environments–all culminated by a beautiful original soundtrack. It’s 7 years worth of indie game development in an actual game. 

It’s also 7 years of emotion. Just check out the trailer.

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One Dreamer is currently available on macOS, Linux, and PC via Steam and