Mortal Online 2 – New Housing Update is Live!

Buildable player homes, new creatures, and more arrive in the new patch for Star Vault’s upcoming MMORPG

Mortal Online 2’s latest patch is now live. Following up from the spectacular gameplay trailer reveal last week  Star Vault are inviting players to come in from the cold by introducing the long-awaited housing system, releasing new creatures in the world, spawning a fresh boss for players to challenge themselves with, and further expanding character customization options.

What’s been added?

  • Player houses.
  • Keeps. You can claim a keep by upgrading a ruined keep using a keep deed.
  • Support for shared buildings. Shared buildings are buildings in the world any player can help build.
  • House Vendors to all cities.
  • A third set of beards and hairstyles to character creation.
  • A ‘Support’ button to the game’s launcher.
  • More wildlife to the world.
  • Damage dealt to and received from AI will now be affected by the player’s Zoology skill
  • You can now see your weight class in character creation.
  • You can safely log out while inside houses/keeps.
  • And much more!

For the full patch notes including further additions, changes and fixes click HERE. Pre-purchase Mortal Online 2 through the Steam link below for instant access to the beta and a month’s worth of free playtime at launch. 


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