Limited Run Teams Up With Demon Turf For Physical Release

It’s been announced that Demon Turf, one of the biggest Indie hits of 2021, will be receiving a physical release for Nintendo Switch and PS5, coming from Limited Run Games. 

In Demon Turf, you play as Beebz, a young demon on a mission to take down the leaders of each of the gangs that run the demon world, and eventually to become to Demon Queen. You’ll jump, fight and transform your way through a beautiful world that brings together 2D illustration and 3D environments as you battle for domination!

And that’s not all, Nighthawk Interactive has made it possible to purchase physical copies of the game on Xbox One in retailers, or on online retailers such as Play-Asia. On top of all of this, Limited Run Games will be releasing the game’s soundtrack on vinyl, with a cover that pairs with Black Screen Record’s remix vinyl to create a full image when the covers are placed side-by-side.

Pre-order the physical release of Demon Turf now on Limited Run’s website!

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