Little Cities gets huge update

VR city builder Little Cities has recently had a huge update, with a host of new features. This is the first of several free updates coming to the game and it allows players to ‘discover a new, relaxing way to play that puts city creation literally at their fingertips’. Developed by Purple Yonder and Published by the award winning VR studio nDreams, Little Cities is one of the best VR creators you play play, only a month after launch. The game has an average user rating of 4.6 on the Quest Store, making it one of the highest rated games in Quest history.

Little Cities Game Update

The biggest addition in this update is Hand-tracking, as described officially; ‘Players can explore their mini metropolis with a range of simple hand gestures, with intuitive movements for navigation, zooming in and out and effortlessly crafting homes, shops and services. Plus, popping bubbles on the menu system feels even more satisfying!’

The next planned update will bring new cosmetics to the game, letting you customise your creations and make them your own. “We’ve always been excited by the many ways that VR allows us to innovate and create immersive game design,” said James Howard, co-founder of developer Purple Yonder. “Naturally, we were very excited to start working on bringing hand tracking to Little Cities and we’re proud of the way that we’ve integrated it so that, whether you want to create your city with your hands or using the Quest Touch controllers, you get the same cozy, accessible and fun city creation experience.”

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