Melvor Idle: Max Skills in this RuneScape-Inspired Idle Indie

Games by Malcs offers an indle indie game Melvor Idle. Max your skills in your sleep and watch all the sorts of progress bars for that idle game satisfaction.

Melvor Idle, a RuneScape-inspired idle game, is full of features, skills, items, and combat opportunities.

After two years in early access, the game was fully released in November 2021.

Published by Jagex, which makes Melvor Idle officially connected to RuneScape, the indie game tries to retain the main components of RuneScape while using the tools of an idle game.

Melvor Idle is an idle game with no microtransactions.

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Games by Malcs is an Australian indie game developer founded in 2020 by Brendon Malcolm.

Melvor Idle is the first game of the studio. Its main values are game accessibility and community involvement.

That is why Melvor Idle is available through Web, AppStore and Google Play, as well as Steam.

Melvor Idle Game News Indie Game Fans News
LazeeLlama plays Melvor Idle


Melvor Idle is an idle game with a focus on skill-building and combat. 

The gameplay consists of selecting the options you are interested in and idly watching different progress bars fill or fall while developing a strategy for maxing them out.

In fact, you can max your skills even in your sleep.

RuneScape-style elements, including skills and items, are there for you to discover and incorporate into your strategy.

Melvor Idle prides itself on being feature-rich, having 20 skills, 40 pets, 100 enemies, and 1100 items.

Melvor Idle Game News Indie Game Fans News
Skills are a key element of Melvor Idle

Idle games can be a lot of fun and, as the developer puts it, zen. In other words, they are relaxing.

However, they can also be frustrating as the progress slows down. In Melvor Idle, that frustration is less of a problem because there are no microtransactions. You will know, at the very least, that everybody struggles as much as you do.

Also, the fact that there are a lot of things to discover and do outside of watching progress bars can help. Hopefully, it will not be too overwhelming, especially at the beginning.

You can check out YouTube videos of the gameplay to see if it is for you. An example is by LazeeLlama here, but it shows an early access version of the game.

Melvor Idle Game News Indie Game Fans News
Melvor Idle has a ton of features


Released on November 18, 2021, Melvor Idle is an indie game that uses the lore of RuneScape and mechanics of an idle game. Idle games might not be for everyone, but with how feature-rich Melvor Idle is, it can be both engaging and relaxing.

You can check the game through the Steam link below.