Factory Town: A Cute Base Builder That Is All About Automation

Factory Town is a stress-free city builder. This indie game has you automating your town/base while managing resources without the fear of war or starvation.

Launched November 17, 2021 after a few years in early access, Factory Town is an indie game by just one person, Erik Asmussen.

This cute city builder lets you focus on all the good aspects of the genre without the stress of potential wars or death.

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Erik Asmussen is the single developer of two games: Disco Dodgeball and Factory Town

The previous game is a single- or multiplayer sports experience that incorporates dodgeball rules and skateboard-like movement. Its neon dancefloor-like arenas are very stylish.

Available on SteamDisco Dodgeball has very positive reviews. 

Apart from that, Erik Asmussen has founded and worked with an indie studio 82apps.

Factory Town Game News Indie Game Fans News
Factory Town playthrough by The Scarlet Seeker shows some of the features of the game


Factory Town is a cute and chill city builder which has you create a town/factory that focuses on production and automation.

The typical elements of the genre are present, including buildings, inhabitants, and resources, as well as technology and trade.

Inhabitants are the initial method of transporting goods, but the goal is to automate the process through special transportation systems you unlock with research.

What is absent in the game is any sort of deathly danger. The inhabitants of the town need to be kept happy with food, clothes, and other items, but they will not starve or freeze to death, and there are no hostile units in the wilderness. Factory Town is too cute for those.

Factory Town Game News Indie Game Fans News
Factory Town is a city/base builder that is stress-free

You can customize the game through built-in features like custom maps and the Steam Workshop. There is also a Sandbox mode that simply focuses on building the town.

Overall, Factory Town looks like an interesting take on city builder with a couple little twists and cute graphics. It may be great for the fans of the genre, especially the ones who are looking for a less tense and more peaceful experience.

Those who like building logical systems will especially appreciate the game’s automation systems.

Factory Town Game News Indie Game Fans News
Check out Factory Town trailer


Developed by a single man, Factory Town was released as a 1.0 game on November 17. It is a cute city builder that does not have you worry about war or death.

Perfect for the fans of the genre who are looking for a chill experience, Factory Town is all about automation, resource management, and happiness.

Factory Town is available to purchase through the Steam link below and is currently 50% off in the Steam Autumn Sale.