MMORPG Foxhole Drops Version 1.0 After 5 Years

After five years in Early Access, Siegecamp's massively multiplayer war game, Foxhole, just launched into 1.0.

After five years in Early Access, Siegecamp’s massively multiplayer war game, Foxhole, just launched into 1.0. The Inferno Update comes with overhauled features and allows players to create unique transportation systems, infrastructure, and industrial facilities for the war machine

The MMORPG allows  thousands of players to connect to the same world and fight in a persistent war that could last for weeks. The massive sandbox sees players immersing themselves in a world with hundreds of hand crafted towns and villages ripe for siege.

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The Inferno Update brings a train system that gives players the opportunity to build and design large scale rail networks allowing quick transport over long distances. Trains can be customized with a variety of car types including locomotives, freights, infantry transport, armored combat cars, and long ranged artillery.

Foxhole Video Game

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Players will also be tasked with constructing and managing industrial facilities that can be developed into mass production centers or shipping ports, servicing hundreds of logistics players every day. Maintaining efficiency will require the careful management of power grids, oil pipelines, and mining. Operations can be further scaled up through buildable infrastructure like docks, cranes, concrete foundations, and minecarts.

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Foxhole is available now on Steam for $29.99 / £23.79.