Moonshine Inc. gets a New Demo as Steam Next Fest Approaches

Moonshine Inc. is a tycoon game which aims to authentically recreate prohibition era moonshining from production to distribution to dodging the law.

Polish indie developer/publisher Klabater’s Moonshine Inc. is getting a demo and throwing its hat into the ring for Steam Next Fest. What is Moonshine Inc.? A prohibition era, self-described ‘strategic distillation simulator’ that puts the gear for distilling your own batches of hooch in player’s hands and hugs the actual chemistry behind its creation closely.

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From what we’ve seen the overview of your camp looks like a red dead II minigame combined with the more technical but easily readable distillation window and a simple but clear map of the area your moonshine camps are located in. That’s right, camps. In addition to the potion-craft-for-moonshine crafting mechanics, Moonshine Inc. is about turning your nascent brewing operation into a successful business empire by creating a distribution network that reaches down from the Appalachian Mountains to the thirsty populations of Chicago and the Eastern seaboard.

But, you’ve got to do it under the nose of the law. For this Klabater have developed something called the ‘Red Flag Police System’ which controls both the local police and a network of federal investigators led by a ‘particular ATF agent’, who are committed to rooting out and taking down any moonshining operations they can get their hands on. You’ll have corrupt sheriffs and a corrupt governor to deal with as well to make sure the product you’ve worked so hard to make doesn’t end up being seized and destroyed. But you won’t have to do it alone, the most recent press release also mentions a cast of ‘colorful characters’ including your grand-uncle Donald and younger sister Elly-Jane so you can face off against the spider’s web of lawmen with a couple of friendly NPCs in your corner.

Moonshine Inc. looks like something original, characterful, with a lot of love poured into its crafting systems. We’ve got a demo review of Moonshine Inc. bubbling away as we speak so keep an eye out for that, and you can jump in and get hands on with it through the Steam link below if this news article has successfully whet your appetite.