Recruit a ruthless team of heroes and plunder a new world

Hyper League Heroes - the idle dungeon crawler about building a team of superheroes, monsters and villains has a closed beta starting August 15th.

Hyper League Heroes, Philadelphia based studio Siphon Shock’s upcoming idle dungeon diver, is scheduled to hit closed beta on August 15th. There are a limited number of spaces available so head over to their official website, and visit their discord to request access.

We’ve covered Hyper League Heroes in the past so if you want to learn more about what the game is read our coverage of the Alpha here.

Image Credit: Siphon Shock

Idle Heroics

At first glance Hyper League Heroes seems to be on the wrong platform. Its bright pixel art style, simple UI and idle mechanics seem like they’d be a better fit for a smartphone or a tablet but we think PC is exactly where it needs to be.

With homeworking a firmly established norm for many people now, an indie like Hyper League Heroes is poised to hit a gap that few other indies have attacked yet. Waiting to contribute in a meeting that’s running way too long but don’t have people looking over your shoulder? Seems like the perfect time to gear up your team of heroes and set them off on a dungeon run to help pass the time without demanding your full attention.

Cooking for yourself, a partner or family in the evening and using your laptop or 2 in 1 as a recipe book? Set your team off and check on their progress as you cook up a storm (IGF and its subsidiaries in no way take responsibilities for kitchen based injuries sustained while playing Hyper League Heroes).

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Closed Beta

Siphon Shock say that there are an undisclosed but limited number of places available for players to sign up for the closed beta and get exclusive access to the current build of the game. We’ve signed up to give it a go and you can request access through Siphon Shock’s discord or check out their Steam page via the link below;