Dyna Bomb 2 Arcade Game

More Explosive Shenanigans with Dyna Bomb 2

Independent game developer and publisher 7 Raven Studios has announced that pre-orders for Dyna Bomb 2 are now available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. As for other consoles, Playstation 5 will be following shortly.

Dyna Bomb 2 sees main characters Jack and Ela on a quest of explosive nature to defeat all of Dr. Brutus’ followers and help to clean up the wonderful tropical island they are on. While there seems to be a bit of a disconnect between relaxing palm trees–it’s always nice to have a bit of napalm.

Dyna Bomb 2 Arcade Game

On single player, you can choose one of the two heroes or both if you prefer some nice, co-op action. You’ll fly and shoot bombs across a variety of beautiful and colorful levels while doing what you can to find the way to a mysterious, secret world–a world where there will likely be more explosions.

Dyna Bomb 2 features 8 Different Worlds with 8 colorful levels for each. You’ll encounter a myriad of foes and take on a unique boss at the end of each run. Uncover hidden areas, secret levels, and a secret world altogether. If things get too tough, always remember that you can bring a friend along.

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The full version of Dyna Bomb 2 will be released on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One on August 17, Nintendo Switch on August 18, and PlayStation 5 and 4 on August 19.