New Indie Management Sim ‘Bear And Breakfast’ Hitting PC, Switch In 2022

Much-awaited laidback indie management simulator Bear and Breakfast has announced a release date of early 2022 at Tokyo Game Show 2021.

Much-awaited laidback indie management simulator Bear and Breakfast has announced a release date of early 2022 at Tokyo Game Show 2021. 

The game places players on the forest trail as Hank the bear, who must revamp and run the tired old Pinefall Resort bed and breakfast to bring guests back to the area, and uncover the deep dark mysteries within the woods.

Bear and Breakfast uses hand-drawn graphics and a cheeky sense of humour as you explore the world and claw your way up the ladder to build the best B&B in the forest.

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What is Bear and Breakfast?

Bear and Breakfast is a game perfect for any players who enjoy traditional management sims along the lines of Two Point Hospital and The Escapists, but with the hidden adventures and exploration features of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing.

When Hank the hat-wearing bear and his friends Anni – the brave but careful Karelian Hound – and Will – the suspicious and sarcastic Poorwill bird – discover an abandoned shack in the woods, they must work together to renovate the place into a bed and breakfast to entice tourists back to the forest and make some money while they’re at it.

As the bed and breakfast gains popularity, more is discovered about the forest and its residents, with a deep secret starting to make itself known to Hank as time goes by…

Bear and Breakfast Hank walking through snowy forest

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The Team Behind The Bear-Themed Simulator

This adorable bear adventure game is the first game created by development team GummyCat, a Romanian-based studio with a small team of just 5 people.

Bear And Breakfast will be published by Armor Game Studios, who are behind such games as the popular tower-builder strategy Gemcraft: Chasing Shadows and adventure RPG game Swords and Souls: Neverseen.

Grizzly Gameplay

There is a mix of gameplay mechanics at work in Bear and Breakfast, with the usual crafting and building elements often seen in adventure games but with an added management strategy element.

Players can create and personalise everything from guest rooms, bathrooms, dining, and entertainment rooms within their B&B. From furnishings and fixtures to the finer details like rugs, candles, lamps, and plants, you can add as much or as little as you like to make the space feel more homely (and receive a higher review score from guests as result).

Bear and Breakfast top down simulation gameplay

Build a high enough reputation with guests to earn more money, more achievements, and unlockable rewards for Pinefall Resort.

But beware of the forest! While there’s plenty of new characters to interact with and learn from, there is also a hidden plot within the woods with some deep secrets waiting to be unearthed.

Tokyo Game Show 2021 Bear and Breakfast

Announcement at Tokyo Games Show 2021

To celebrate Fat Bear Week 2021, the development team for Bear And Breakfast have relaunched their demo on the Steam store, available until October 11th 2021.

“We know a bunch of you missed out on it the first time or just didn’t get to spend as much time as you’d like playing it,” said the team via Discord, “so we wanted to give everyone another chance to try it out.”

The developers have also teased a private beta launching in the near future, for any players who are keen to participate sooner and help shape the future of this bear-y cute simulator game.

When Can I Play Bear and Breakfast?

While the game has been delayed once before, Bear And Breakfast is now scheduled to release in the first half of 2022. Try out the demo on the Steam Store or wishlist on Steam and Nintendo Switch to get your paws on the game immediately upon release.

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