To The Rescue! Run Your Very Own Dog Shelter

To The Rescue! Manage a dog shelter and help digital and real dogs find loving homes in this cute new indie game by Little Rock Games.

To The Rescue! A new game by Little Rock Games is a sweet rescue shelter simulator that helps real-life animals.

Learn how difficult it is to run a dog shelter in this management indie game where you rescue, care for (and most importantly) pet your dogs.

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Little Rock Games

Little Rock Games started out as tabletop game developers, but now they debut with their first digital game, To The Rescue! 

The mission of Little Rock Games is to be impactful and ethical. Released November 2, 2021, To The Rescue! is there to help real-life animals: 20% of the profits are to be used to improve the lives of dogs in actual shelters through the developer’s charity partner the Petfinder Foundation.

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To the Rescue!

To The Rescue!

To The Rescue! is a thoughtful dog shelter simulator and manager. You will receive new dogs, manage limited resources, and help visitors find and adopt their new best friend.

Dogs are unique, with different traits and preferences. Unfortunately, they might get ill, and neglect is dangerous to them. Different traits are more or less desirable, and adopters have their own preferences, too.

It looks like you will need to become acquainted with every dog in your shelter and be thoughtful in your choices when adopting them out.

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To the Rescue Game News Indie Game Fans News
To the Rescue: help dogs get adopted

You get to customize the shelter, and you will need to upgrade it to be able to take care of the dogs. But the developers point out that your money will be scarce. You will need to manage food and medicine all while running on a tight budget, so upgrades will not be easy to get.

To The Rescue! tries to stay true to reality. 

To the Rescue Game News Indie Game Fans News
To the Rescue: manage the shelter

Right now, To The Rescue! is available on Steam for a promotional price. That said, early reviews mention a lot of bugs, which developers are already fixing.

The game looks like it will be great for dog lovers once it is polished, and we hope that it will be perfect soon.


Released 2 November, To The Rescue! looks like a great indie game for dog lovers and those who enjoy management and simulators. Little Rock Games promise that 20% of the profits will go to dog shelters and help real-life dogs.

Hopefully, the game will reach its final state soon, and players will be able to enjoy a bug-free realistic dog shelter simulator.