Demon Turf: A Platformer with an Attitude

Demon Turf from indie game developer Fabraz is a 3D platformer with 2D sprites in which you fight your way to the top of the demon world.

Fabraz is a US indie game developer working to create charming and fun games. Their new platformer Demon Turf releases tomorrow on November 4th. Want to try before you buy? Play the special demo Demon Turf: Trials through Steam today!

Explore the demon world and fight bosses to become the Demon Queen!

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Since 2010 Fabraz have been working on games and webcomics. In 2017, they released Slime-san. It is a 2D platformer in which Slime-san attempts to escape from the gut of a giant worm. The game has received a lot of critical approval and positive reviews on Steam.

Now, Fabraz return with another platformer, this time in 3D!

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Demon Turf Game News Indie Game Fans News
Demon Turf: coming this November

Demon Turf’s Plot and Gameplay

Demon Turf is about a young demon lady Beebz, who wants to become the Demon Queen. She will do that by, as the game’s description states, kicking the butt of every turf leader in the demon world.

The platformer calls itself a game with an attitude. That seems fitting; the soundtrack is fast-paced; the environments are colourful and unique, and the characters are spirited and funny.

Demon Turf Game News Indie Game Fans News
Platform your way to the top!

This indie game is packed with action and offers a lot of platforming challenges. Beebz has many abilities you will need to use to progress through the levels.

You will be able to explore the 3D environment with your 2D character. The developers worked to make this exploration feel as free as possible, and you can return to completed levels and place your own checkpoints to make replays as accessible and headache free as possible.

Demon Turf Game News Indie Game Fans News
Quite a lot of opportunities for making the character your own

Apart from that, Demon Turf is a collectathon and comes with challenges and customization. Also, Beebz likes taking selfies in hidden and difficult-to-reach locations!


The indie game Demon Turf is an action-packed and humourous adventure that focuses on platforming and battles. As Beebz, a plucky young heroine, you will explore the demon world and beat demon lords while taking selfies.

Releasing tomorrow, November 4th, play the special demo Demon Turf: Trials through Steam today!