One Last Breath devs plant a forest because of you!

During Steam Next Fest, one of the hundreds of games participating made a unique promise, Monastic Studios promised that for every wishlist the game got during the event, they would plant a tree. During the festival, a whopping 2655 people added the game to their wishlist, and in order to show their thanks to everyone who has wishlisted the game, Monastic took the whole number of lifetime wishlists, 3,655, and made that their goal.

One Last Breath Video Game

They’ve already donated the money to Tree Nation to plant all of those trees, which will be planted in Madagascar and will save 37.1 tons of CO2 in emissions! “We wanted to go a step further and bring One Last Breath’s message to reality”, said the project’s designer Eneko Zubiaurre.

As for the game itself? One last breath is a 2.5D atmospheric puzzle-platforming adventure set in a withered and destroyed world. An official description reads; ‘Decades of greed and pollution have turned our planet into a wasteland. All hopes rest on Gaia, the incarnation of nature. Her abilities will allow her to control vegetation in order to overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and restore life on our planet. It will not be easy, though. She must survive merciless monsters and discover what happened to mankind.’

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This is Moonastic’s very first game and will be launching on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. Feel free to wishlist it now and check out the developer’s twitter for more developments!


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