Top 5 Indie Game Dogs That Don’t Die, I Swear

In honour of Take your Dog to Work Day, We've got 5 games with the best dogs in indie game. Who is your favorite?

It’s take your dog to work day! And we wanted to count down some of our favourite video game good boys and girls to celebrate; and whilst it’s easy to point to the dogmeats and K.K. Sliders of the world, we wanted to take a look at the best dogs in indie games. We love all of these furry friends and we wanted to share them with you so that you can love them too, just as much as us. Most of all, though, I just wanted to be absolutely clear that all of these dogs live long and happy lives and nothing bad happens to them at any point during the game, I promise, and you have to believe me, because a journalist with integrity wouldn’t lie about such a thing without good reason, right? And you have no reason to think I have a good reason… Let’s get into it!

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5. Wolfie – Until Dawn

Indie Games Dogs Wolfie Until Dawn

Until Dawn may not be the first game you think of when you think of hecking pupperinos, but who doesn’t love a big friendly wolf-dog! During the section of the game in the Blackwood Sanatorium Mike comes across a dog, and depending on your actions, befriends it! This dog helps Mike navigate the facility and even protects him from harm!

{EDITOR’S NOTE: Perhaps reconsider, this character can die depending on player choices, this may be shocking to people who just want to see a happy dog.}

4. Bullet – Blair Witch

Indie Games Dogs Bullet - Blair Witch

Given to the main character of the game as a sort-of therapy dog, Bullet is maybe the best dog companion in gaming, and is a part of what makes the gameplay of Blair Witch feel special. As you go deeper into the forest and face off against the titular entity, Bullet helps you along, and by the end of the game you’ll find that your best pal is integral to beating this evil!

{EDITOR’S NOTE: This dog can also die due to player choice, are you choosing these intentionally? Please change these entries.}

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3. Puppy – Little Misfortune

Indie Games Dogs Puppy - Little Misfortune

Look at that face, how could you NOT love this little guy, just absolutely fall in love with his silly little face. This game lets you play catch with the dog, and it follows you all the way to the lake, where nothing bad happens to it, and look at the little party hat it’s wearing! Adorable.

{EDITOR’S NOTE: You have to be joking. You’re basically lying with this one, what’s going on here?}

2. Poro – Yomawari: Night Alone

Indie Games Dogs Poro - Yomawari: Night Alone

Poro is such a good boy, this dog takes the form of both a dog and a spirit at different points of the game, and he’s okay and nothing bad happens to him at any point, especially not in the first moments of the game!

{EDITOR’S NOTE: This one is just awful, what if someone plays this game based on the recommendation of a dog, they’d be traumatised, please respond.}


{EDITOR’S NOTE: This is not an adequate response.}

Maybe it’s good that they’re traumatised, people need to know that all dogs WILL go to heaven.

{EDITOR’S NOTE: Alright, but surely including ANY dogs who don’t die would be prescient?}

What’s the point? Why would I want to let anyone have happy dog moments without him…

{EDITOR’S NOTE: Unclear, who is ‘him’?}

1. Stepheny – Stardew Valley

Indie Games Dogs Stepheny - Stardew Valley

Recently I experienced a virtual bereavement… my wonderful dog, Stepheny, died. Now, I know what you’re thinking, pets can’t die in that game, and you’re right, but it’s worse than you think… After 800 hours of gameplay on this save, I took my Stepheny (so named as I forgot the gender when naming them and got too attached to change it) out for a walk. I was playing our favourite game ‘push the dog up against a wall’, when THE INCIDENT happened… They clipped through the collider attached to the fence. I panicked, I reloaded the game, and Stepheny was still gone. Lost forever in the backrooms, or limbo, or wherever they are now, I can only assume Stepheny is no longer with us… This is, or was, my number one inside game dog.

{EDITOR’S NOTE: Oh, buddy… I think I get it now, you are mourning the loss of your digital dog and are in denial that any of these poor pups could have died over their game’s runtime.}

No, I just want to trick people into suffering.


0. Dog – Martha is Dead

Indie Games Dogs Dog - Martha is Dead


{EDITOR’S NOTE: Okay, now this is too far, I get that you’re sad your 16-pixel, 3-sprite dog is gone, but you can’t tell people to play this game from the dog, when I know perfectly well what happens to it in this game.}

I am become dog, destroyer of hearts. 

{EDITOR’S NOTE: You’re lucky I don’t cancel this whole article, I want you to give me one dog }

Dani – Lost in Vivo

Indie Games Dogs

Lost in Vivo’s plot revolves around you saving your dog from nefarious supernatural forces, your passion for your beloved pet is what drives you throughout the entire game, even as these horrible monsters go as far as mimicking your Corgi. This game ends in a bittersweet way, as you are left in a position where your only option is to send Dani one way out of the sewer and yourself another way, you will both survive, but will be apart for what is implied to be forever. This ending helped me come to terms with the death of my own dog, maybe we’re not torn apart, rather we’re just headed along different paths.

{EDITOR’S NOTE: To be clear, this is your Stardew Valley dog you’re talking about here?}

You can also optionally shoot Dani to gain a secret ending.

{EDITOR’S NOTE: Okay, you’re off this article. I’ll finish it up for you, you’re not going anywhere near anything dog-related on this website again… Now, let’s see here.}

Editor’s Choice: Annoying Dog – Undertale

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