Please, Touch The Artwork

Get ready to break every rule you’ve ever learned about art – Please, Touch The Artwork is now available on PC and mobile, and a fantastic addition to the game library for fans of modern art or great brain teasers. With over 160 puzzles to complete, this artistic narrative adventure launched on January 26th 2022, and has achieved Positive reviews on Steam and multiple gaming awards from around the world.

What Is Please, Touch The Artwork?

Please, Touch The Artwork is a mix of casual puzzler and narrative adventure, which shows players exactly what happens when you DO touch the artwork. 

This short but intriguing game promises up to 3 hours of gameplay spread across three separate chapters. The first part contains an interesting point-and-click colour matching challenge to recreate different abstract art. The second part consists of a puzzle chapter where you must bypass obstacles to reunite two moving squares, while the final part challenges players to collect specific letters hidden inside modern-looking paintings to create a poem. 

Add some jazz background music and fun art facts into the mix, and you have the makings of a great chill puzzle game.In fact, Please, Touch The Artwork has been so well-received, the indie puzzle game has received many accolades and awards including Winner of Best Art at the Tokyo Game Show, Very Big Indie Pitch Winner at PG Connects 2020, and Winner of Best Educational Game at Big Brazil.

Please Touch The Artwork Indie Game Fans Article

About Studio Waterzooi

Please, Touch The Artwork was created by solo developer Thomas Waterzooi as one-man gaming developer Studio Waterzooi. Before setting out as a solo indie game developer, Waterzooi previously developed for AAA gaming studios including Larian Studios (working on Divinity: Original Sin) and IO-Interactive (while working on the Hitman franchise).


Where Can I Play Please, Touch The Artwork?

Please, Touch The Artwork is now available to play on Steam for PC, as well as via the Apple App Store for mobile. Studio Waterzooi has also teased a Nintendo Switch release this year, so watch out for more details later in 2022.

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