Psychological Horror Game Ikai is available now!

Set in a work of dark Japanese folklore, psychological horror title Ikai has you fight back against abominable demons using your ability to ward them off with writing. “Ikai has been a true passion project for a long time,” said Laura Ripoll, Producer & Designer at Endflame. “Our team has been so deeply invested in this story that we’re thrilled to finally share it with the world. We hope it creeps you out, plays with your emotions, and delights your puzzle-solving minds all at once.”

Ikai embodies the feel of some of your favourite first-person horror games, making you defenceless against evil creatures that you yourself are responsible for unleashing. As you explore a feudal Shinto shrine, terrifying yokai will try and stop you as you discover the mysteries of the main character. You’ll draw protective seals to deal with the strange sounds and events around you, solve puzzles as you try not to disturb the evil around you, and get out alive.

The game is receiving a physical version at retailers for PS4/5 and Nintendo Switch. This physical release comes with a sticker sheet and collectible postcard, and is available for $34.99; or you could just buy the digital version if you want to get it instantly.

To find out more about the game you can go to the game’s official website, or follow the game on Twitter to keep up with news.

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