Backroom Beyond releasing in July

At a time when the ‘backrooms’ concept is becoming controversial, with many criticising much of ‘backrooms’ content for missing the original point of the concept by adding in multiple ‘levels’ and ‘monsters’ to something that was just meant to be a simple cosmic horror, White Vortex studio has announced the release of their own take on the concept. With many ‘backrooms’ themed games releasing in the last few months, this looks to be one of the highest-quality to be coming to the space.

Backroom Beyond Video Game

This upcoming first-person horror puzzle game puts you into the infamous backrooms. The interesting thing about this backrooms game, though, is that it takes a more personal approach to the character, manifesting some guilt or trauma they hold. Players will be taken through this world by ‘the guide’, a being that not only analyses the character’s past, but asks players to look at their own actions within the game.

Each level, consisting of portal-esque ‘press the button to open the door’ puzzles, has its own quirks and ways of approaching it, and through the course of the game the player moves through several different environments such as backrooms, subway, house or a snowy street.

Backroom Beyond Video Game

“I created this game because I could bring my contribution to the world of backrooms, which I was fascinated by. This myth has everything to do with the stories I tell about the existence of realities and universes that coexist and can collide. The story I set out to tell in Backroom Beyond is fragmented in a way that the player will need to interpret many of the elements. After all, who is The Guide? Who wrote on the walls? Has anyone been there before? Is it possible to leave?”, says Renan Barreto, creator of the game. “And being able to put in the game the song Pérolas Irregulares played by the band Terceiro Mundo Bom, which I’m a fan of is incredible. I could not be happier. The song and the video match very well with the proposal of the story and I would say that both complement each other”.

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Backrooms beyond can be purchased on Steam on July 8th, and you can listen to the soundtrack right now through the trailer linked above. Find out more about the game at the White Vortex Website.


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