Want to Earn Your Place in Heaven?

Angel Matrix and Annapurna interactive’s upcoming speedrunning card game FPS Neon White is available for pre-purchase at 10% off as part of the developer’s sale on Steam. 

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Image Credit: Annapurna Interactive

Salvation for the Damned

The premise for Neon White is bonkers and we’re here for it. You play as White – an assassin picked to go to heaven to exterminate a demonic invasion within 10 days. The kicker? That you’re competing with other assassins who you may or may not know from your past life for a guaranteed place in heaven for the rest of eternity.

Using an impressive looking card based combat and movement system, you can play cards to use as attacks against your demonic foes or discard them to access unique movement abilities, while finding ways to cleverly combine them and turn yourself into a demon slaying, deck burning blur of destruction. 

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We All Sell Our Souls Sooner or Later

Tipped for release in early summer 2022, we won’t have to wait much longer to raze hell in heaven, keep an eye on our newsfeeds and wishlist Neon White on Steam to keep track of it ahead of release.

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