Starsand gets new content!

Open-world sci-fi desert survival game Starsand just had its first major update, and it’s full of things to help out players and make the titular sands easier to handle! 

The update focuses on introducing new blueprints for metal weaponry and hammers, as well as a spear for long-range hunting or defence against the many foes you will find in the desert. Finally for items, the Spyglass will allow players to scout for locations and enemies, as well as the all-new tameable animals, Camels! And this is just the start on the game’s roadmap that spans the course of 2022.

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Inspired by the likes of Dune and Stargate, Starsand lands players in a harsh arcane desert, armed only with their ability to craft basic tools and defences, strange creatures and hostile environments will challenge players over the whole 64km map, on their quest to return to earth. Featuring weather systems, a deadly day/night cycle and deep crafting mechanics, there is so much to discover in the world and gameplay of Starsand. The Trailer for the new update can be found here:

Starsand is developed by Tunnel Vision Studio, an indie team with a love of nostalgia and tech. The game is available in Early Access on Steam, and you can pick it up now to scavenge, gather, harvest and craft your way to unravelling a thrilling sci-fi adventure.

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