Indie RPG ‘Echo Generation’ Launches Today On PC and Xbox Consoles

A supernatural cross between 'Earthbound' and 'Stranger Things', Echo Generation launches today as the latest game from Cococucumber, creators of 'Riverbond' and 'Planet of the Eyes'.

Buckle up for a wild ride to the supernatural world of Echo Generation, launching today on October 21st 2021.

This cross between EarthBound and Stranger Things lands as the latest game from Canada-based studio Cococucumber, creators of cute dungeon crawler Riverbond and retro puzzle adventure Planet of the Eyes.

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Small Town Supernatural Investigations

Players are set in a small town in the summer of 1993 to investigate a mysterious crash just outside the neighbourhood.

Team up as a gang of kids, along with your pet companions, to dig into the secrets of the supernatural occurrences happening all over town.

Together, you must defeat monsters, robots and other horrible nasties you encounter along the way to save your quiet suburban town from a terrible fate.

Echo Generation voxel graphic style

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How Do You Play Echo Generation?

Battle against your enemies in turn-based combat, using each character’s special skills and abilities to level up your party.

Gain experience from carrying out side quests alongside the main story, and gather your team of kids from around town to boost your chances of success and defeating the supernatural monsters in your path.

Boss fights are a mix of both real-time and turn-based combat mechanics, so your team must work together and stay on their toes to survive these intense brawls. Stay on your guard, or you may lose members of your team to the horrors surrounding you.

Echo Generation boss level character design

Stylised Synthwave Music And Art Style

The retro voxel style of graphics in Echo Generation gives a stylised 3D pixel look to the game, with some players comparing it to the likes of Minecraft. Whether you’re battling rusty mechs, creepy monsters, or giant sabre-toothed worms reminiscent of Tremors, the art style lends itself extremely well to setting a spooky but fun atmosphere to explore and interact with.

An original electronic soundtrack also gives off major Stranger Things vibes, with synthwave beats to set the pace and get the blood pumping for some beastly battles.

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Where Can I Play Echo Generation?

Players will be happy to hear that Echo Generation is launching today (October 21st 2021) on PC and Xbox consoles, so you can dive in and begin your supernatural journey right away.

Download here on the Steam Store, add to your Xbox Library in the Microsoft Store, or for gamers with Xbox Live, you can find and download Echo Generation from within the Xbox Game Pass library right away.