We’re Getting a New Sci-fi Survival Horror with Cryogenesis

Survival horror is very much alive, and still very horrific. Remainder Studios is currently working on a brand new sci-fi mystery game inspired by the likes of horror classics, SOMA and Resident Evil. Cryogenesis is the very scary 2D lovechild that’s poised to keep the genre on the hype train.

Cryogenesis Survival Horror Game

The game sees you assuming the role of Roger Bennett, newly awakened from a 50-year cryo sleep after the collapse of civilization. With the extinction of the human race being a very clear possibility, it’s up to you to explore, fight, and outwit your way through a cybernetic lab to uncover the mystery behind the fallout.

In Cryogenesis, survival is key. You’ll need all the weapons you can get, and many will be at your disposal. Make sure to keep your inventory stocked, but save some room for anything else you might need.

The game also features adjustable difficulty levels for those who either yearn for a challenge, or simply want cruise control for their carnage. It won’t be all action, though. Puzzles and clues in the form of notes and other items will either hinder your progress, or push you forward. Have your wits about you.

Lastly, controller support. It will be there, so don’t fear. There’s already enough to be afraid of.

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Cryogenesis Survival Horror Game

Cryogenesis is set for launch later in 2022. For more information, check them out on Steam.


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