There Swings a Skull: Grim Tidings Looks just as Grim and Eerie as Stated

Quinn K. and Conor Walsh bring us a narrative-horror game built in RPG Maker 2003 that’s set to both boggle and bother us, should we decide to play after dark. There Swings a Skull: Grim Tidings takes us to the town of Pareildas, right smack in the middle of a vast desert. The peaceful town seems normal, but alas, things aren’t always what they seem.

Players follow Anatoli, an employee of the town train station who dreams of eventually leaving Pareildas. All he wants is a peaceful life with his husband, far away from the strange town.

On the other hand, Pyotr is an independent artist. He hopes to somehow stop the mysterious hellfire that’s slowly consuming Pareildas, leaving the townsfolk burnt husks of their former selves.

There Swings a Skull: Grim Tidings Video Game

Explore Pareildas, uncover mysteries, and piece everything together to find out the reason behind the town’s supernatural changes. With detailed pixel graphics, ominous backdrops, and music by Leaf Let, this is a title best enjoyed once dusk settles–and the land is quiet.

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There Swings a Skull: Grim Tidings is available now on Steam and