VR tower defense FPS ‘Now There Be Goblins’ out now!

From Shocktopus games, a three-person Dutch studio with a focus on creating VR games with a lot of in-game depth, comes ‘Now There Be Goblins’. This title is an expanded version of a game jam from a few years ago. Now, it’s a high-fidelity title that looks like a lot of fun. 

You will have to strategically place defences and balance your time between building and fighting using the game’s dozens of structures and weapons, it’s up to you and you alone to protect the statues of your king! An official description reads; ‘With a combination of traditional tower defence mechanics and the freedom of VR combat, Now There Be Goblins aims to create a tactical and physical challenge for any player with difficulties ranging from easy to extremely hard.’ 

The game looks like it’s full of options and ways to play, and like a very moreish experience. The game features multiple levels featuring their own different special enemies, different ways to challenge yourself, different variants of structures with their own mechanics, unlockable hammers with a whole host of abilities and tonnes more! 

Now There Be Goblins is available on Steam, and costs $17.99/€14,99/£13.99, and it’s even less at the moment with a 15% launch discount! Be sure to check out the game’s trailer and official website for more information!

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