What if Hell Was Origami?

Bit of survival with sci-fi and RPG elements. A story between life and death in a stylized game origami world. Bukkaku created by Lukas Reznicek aka RZE.

Taking place in a stark origami-inspired world, creator Lukas Reznicek describes the game as such; ‘It’s more of an experimental genre with mostly horror elements. A bit of survival with hints of sci-fi and RPG. I’m still trying to make the game a bit different and with a different approach. I can reveal that it won’t be a classic walk on the map with a lot of quests. Don’t even expect an explanation of the story or game mechanisms, you’ll just be thrown right into the world and have to play as a character yourself without any help.’

The developers of this title describe it as a ‘deeply thoughtful and thoroughly awful narrative game which pressures players into making decisions based on genuine philosophical problems and then judges them, and the world, on their choices.’

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The game features colourful and striking visuals and looks to be a really interesting project. Reznicek also commented on the game’s name; ‘If you are wondering why it sounds similar to bukkake, it’s because it comes from the same root word. (bukkake 打っ掛け) First kanji (打) translates to “strike” or “sudden”. Mostly it’s corresponding with “shattering to pieces” from which comms the graphical style which should be absolutely obvious. And last but not least it’s a word for Buddhism temple playing an essential role in the game.’

You can wishlist Bukkaku right now on Steam, and follow the development on Twitter to find out more.