Wrought Flesh: Biopunk FPS Mayhem Out Now!

Stitch yourself into the skin of solo developer Narayana Walters’ biopunk FPS on Linux, Windows and Mac. 

A low poly shooter in the same visual vein as New Blood Interactive’s Dusk, Wrought Flesh adds a stomach turning (literally) twist to stat upgrades as you gun down enemies, collect their organs and hot swap them with your own to buff up and fight harder. From the main character being Frankensteined together from the body parts of dead saints to a skin crawling automatic weapon that fires a stream of blood sucking tics, Wrought Flesh is an conceptually original project that will prick the interest of HR Giger fans and classic FPS heads alike.

Features include:

  • Organ based stat system
  • Literal finger gun
  • 10 unique enemies
  • 8 guns
  • 3 boss fights
  • Dozens of quests
  • 3 biomes to explore

Pick up Wrought Flesh today through NarWal’s itch.io page HERE or via the Steam link below.

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