Take a look at some of the tasks in Electrician Simulator

Electrician Simulator: Become ElectroBOOM

Electrician Simulator from Take IT Studio! is supposed to have a prologue out soon. 

Looking forward to an indie game that seems to be relaxing and, possibly, educational, we want to take a look at this simulator. 


Electrician Simulator is the first “big” game developed by Take IT Studio!, which is a young Polish team with a few current projects on the go alongside some mobile games. 

Take IT Studio! is supported by Gaming Factory S.A., which is also located in Poland and prides itself on helping indie game developers since it was founded in 2017. 

Both teams are focused on simulators, and Tale IT Studio! also claim that they want to make relaxing and engaging experiences

Electrician Simulator Game News Indie Game Fans News
Naturally, Electrician Simulator has you dealing with electricity


As follows from the title, Electrician Simulator is all about dealing with electricity. The Steam page hints at the possibility of being electrocuted, too. 

You will be repairing and fixing different appliances, devices, sockets, light bulbs, and so on. You will be laying cables, working on fuses, and upgrading devices

There is also a level-up system planned, in which you will use your experience to learn new skills and become better at the ones you have already mastered.

Aside from the actual electrician simulation, you will get a sort of a business simulation

You will play as a character who has wanted to be electrician all their life and after receiving some money is able to start a small electrician business

You will be managing orders, buying equipment, and improving your office while trying to keep your business afloat. 

Electrician Simulator Game News Indie Game Fans News
You will need to repair things in this seemingly educational simulator

The prologue is meant to be released in November. Even if the team does not manage to achieve that goal, we want to say that Electrician Simulator looks very promising.

After the success of House Flipper, Lawn Mowing Simulator etc. it is obvious that gamer’s appetites for simulators are nigger than ever. A relaxing experience that might prove educational is a great opportunity for an indie game developer these days. 

Most likely to attract fans of simulatorsElectrician Simulator may also become very attractive to the people who are interested in the profession of an electrician. 

Electrician Simulator Game News Indie Game Fans News
Electrician Simulator should have a prologue coming out soon


While we are waiting for the prologue of Electrician Simulator, we can say that this indie game looks promising. There is an opportunity for both relaxing and educational experience within it, and a lot of fans of simulators are likely to enjoy Electrician Simulator.

In the meantime, we can wishlist both Electrician Simulator and its prologue on Steam.

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