Deiland Pocket Planet: A Wholesome Survival-Craft Adventure

Scheduled to be released November 25, Deiland: Pocket Planet is a wholesome take on survival-craft with farming, fishing, and other staples of the genre.

Deiland: Pocket Planet is scheduled for release on November 25, 2021.

As another wholesome game from Chibig, it is a farming sim with level-ups and combat. Frankly, it looks like an adorable twist on the survival-craft genre.

Except it is not open-world; the planet of Pocket Planet is small and fragile. Take good care of it in this friendly and relaxing indie game.

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Chibig is a Spanish indie studio that was created in 2015 by Abraham Cózar. The developers want to make wholesome, relaxing entertainment.  

Deiland: Pocket Planet has a predecessor, Deiland, which is the first game by Chibig. However, Pocket Planet is a reimagining with new graphics and gameplay, including a season system.

Pocket Planet is also connected with other games by the studio, especially Summer in Mara. The games are a part of the same universe, and they interact through characters and the mystery plot.

Deiland Pocket Planet Game News Indie Game Fans News
Deiland has you fight cute but dangerous creatures


The game’s SteamChibig, and Kickstarter pages give a lot of information about what Pocket Planet is supposed to be like. There is also a demo available (at least, at the moment), and we have played it, too.

The central goal of the game is to take care of the tiny planet that is now home to the main character Arco.

You will be planting trees, crops, and flowers and creating structures while making sure that your farm animals are happy. There is also crafting and upgrading, which will make your farming more efficient.

Deiland Pocket Planet Game News Indie Game Fans News
Deiland even has a level-up system (based on the demo)

In the demo, we see that Arco needs to eat and sleep, and there are strange hostile creatures roaming the mysterious planet. With a combination of farming and combatPocket Planet reminds us of survival-craft games despite the small world size and cute graphics.

Chibig describes Deiland’s main themes as growing up and helping people around you. There is also a hint of mystery in exploring the heart of the little planet.

In the demo, Arco can level up and meet a lot of interesting characters. Each of them may have quests and items you are interested in.

If you are looking for a cute, sweet, and friendly game about farming and maintaining a healthy planet, Deiland: Pocket Planet might be for you. Check if you manage to catch the demo.

Deiland Pocket Planet Game News Indie Game Fans News
Deiland has many characters to meet and interact with


Deiland: Pocket Planet is to be released on November 25. Developed by an indie studio that does its best to create a relaxing and wholesome experiencePocket Planet has the elements of the survival-craft genre wrapped up in a cute, friendly package.

Check the game out on Steam through the link below: