Diplomacy Is Not An Option storms the gates with Early Access on PC

Light the torches and sharpen your battleaxes, because Diplomacy Is Not An Option has erupted onto Steam in Early Access. Launching on February 9th 2022, this medieval-themed RTS indie game pulls no punches, with the Russian development team at Door 407 opening the doors to the full arsenal of weapons and unlocking all in-game mechanics from the get-go, meaning players are in full control of how they live (and die).

What is Diplomacy Is Not An Option?

Diplomacy Is Not An Option is an indie real-time strategy game based in a war-stricken medieval land. Ruling as a feudal Lord, players must defend their homestead against incoming attacks from angry mobs and rival armies, all while attempting to build a stable economy, take care of the townspeople, and rule however you wish – whether you have a heart of gold or an iron fist. 

Each choice players make dictates how the game unfolds, from constructing the fortress and building an army to feeding the poor and caring for the sick. Remember to keep your friends close, but your enemies closer – you never know who might be lurking in wait to take down your empire…

Battles take place on a massive scale, with up to 10,000 enemies swarming castle walls, with a huge arsenal of siege weaponry, hordes of warriors to do your bidding, and even necromancy magic to help you raise an army from the dead… Oh, and fireballs. Lots of fireballs.

Where can I play Diplomacy Is Not An Option?

For now, Diplomacy Is Not An Option is only available in Early Access via Steam. There is no release date confirmed as of yet, and no confirmation about whether we will see Diplomacy Is Not An Option on consoles in future. 

No matter what changes come about from this medieval mash-up, we will be sure to keep you in the loop with the latest indie gaming news.

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