Escape a haunted arcade in Janitor Bleeds, coming this month

After being featured on the HPS1 Demo Disc in 2021, JANITOR BLEEDS has since been picked up by Bonus Stage and the full game is heading to players this month! An official description reads; ‘The shivering horror game is about a haunted arcade where you have to keep on playing JANITOR, the arcade game which bleeds onto your reality. The only way to survive is to keep on playing to keep JANITOR satisfied.’

“The horror of JANITOR BLEEDS is based on having to focus on playing the arcade game whilst not knowing what might be happening in the surroundings. When you are playing a horror game, you might not have any idea what is happening behind you when you are focusing on the screen”, describes Elias Massa, the Game Designer of JANITOR BLEEDS.

This exciting new horror title is definitely more than it seems, and you can pick it up this month when it launches on April 17th on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store, followed by an Xbox release a month later in May. If you’re curious about the game you can catch the trailer right here.

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