Find Humanity’s New Home in the demo and gameplay trailer for IXION

In the distant future, earth is failing; the only one who can save humanity? You. Brand new sci-fi city builder IXION gives you a glimpse of the perils of surviving aboard the colossal Tiqqun Station. Kasedo Games and Bulwark Studios have released a brand new gameplay trailer, giving a look into the story and, of course, what we’ll be doing in the game.


The trailer shows research trees, mining operations, decision making and world building, as well as taking Tiqqun Station through space to discover lands unseen. Completing these gameplay objectives will have you creating ‘a new home for humanity in the vast and treacherous voids of Space.’

An official game description reads: ‘Following the Tiqqun’s completion of a time-skipping VOHLE jump and as Administrator for DOLOS AEC (Aerospace Engineering Corporation), the trailer showcases hull restoration, power and resource management, narrative events, station infrastructure and perilous space exploration as critical components of the assignment at hand.’


Be sure to keep an eye out during the upcoming Steam Next Festival, where IXION will be releasing a brand-new demo. The demo will feature some of the early gameplay aboard the Tiqqun.

You can pick up the new demo, and follow all the news from the game and watch dev streams by checking out the game on Steam. IXION is scheduled for release later this year on PC, and you can keep up with the game on Twitter.

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