Save the World, Slay the Princess

Black Tabby Games is dropping their second official game, Slay the Princess. Yes, you heard it right. There will be no one to save in this adventure. The game features a cheeky horror tragicomedy RPG where you are tasked by a mysterious voice to, well, slay a princess whom you’ve never even heard of before. Sounds riveting. 

In this quest where you save the world, you will be dying a lot. Worry not, for this is all part and parcel with the game’s mechanics.. In your typical time loop fashion, every time you die, the game starts over, but with a few changes you’ll soon notice. There’s a surreal experience in all this as not only your surroundings change, but so does the princess. Even the voice in your head that commands you to commit the murderous deed has a few changes as well.

Slay the Princess Game

Slay the Princess gives the player the power to decide on how the story will transpire. Your choices will definitely affect your journey, and it’s important to be careful. Do you choose to believe the voice in your head, or the princess? Well, that’ll all be up to you. 

With the freedom to mold your destiny via timeloop, stunning art and visuals, and a voice cast to bring life to the characters, you’re definitely heading into a mysterious, ominous, but overall, potentially fun time.

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Check out the first trailer here:

The demo for Slay the Princess is set for release on August 1, 2022, on Steam.


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