Illfonic isn’t the only interesting name working on Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed pits four proton-pack-wielding players against one player who controls a mischievous ghost.

It’s slime or be slimed later this year as asymmetrical multiplayer experts Illfonic roll out the Ecto-1 toward the end of this year on PC, PS4/5 and Xbox One/X|S. Months after hinting at this game’s reveal on social media; Illfonic have previously worked on asymmetric multiplayer title ‘Predator: Hunting Grounds’. Illfonic describe themselves as ‘an independent video game developer with studios in Lakewood, Colorado; Tacoma, Washington; and Austin, Texas. Our staff is composed of video game, music, and technology veterans redefining how games are made and marketed.’

And they’re not the only ones with their names attached to this project. It’s already been announced that actor Rahul Kohli of Midnight Mass fame will feature as an actor in the game alongside returning actors from the original Ghostbusters movie as well as ‘Kinda Funny’ creator Greg Miller, and comedians James and Elyse Willems of popular Rooster Teeth channel Funhaus will be writing for the game. It’s a fascinating coming-together of names from all across the gaming social sphere, and they’re all working with indie studio Illfonic to create a title based on one of the most popular IPs in the Universal catalogue.

Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed pits four proton-pack-wielding players against one player who controls a mischievous ghost. Players must work together to find the ghost and trap them safely away, whilst the ghost tries to stop them! Ghosts can fly and teleport around the map, as well as possessing objects lying around each room to sneak by roaming ghostbusters and frighten innocent civillians. Each ghost has different abilities that will help them to fully ‘haunt’ the map, and eventually win!

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Players can customise their ghosts or ghostbusters  at the iconic fire station, choosing equipment and abilities, as well as various weapon modifications. The game is set to feature full cross-platform multiplayer and support for offline play using AI Companions. “Ghostbusters is one of the most beloved IPs in the world, so we are pulling out all the stops to make something special and accessible to this diverse fanbase,” said Charles Brungardt, CEO, IllFonic. “If you’re someone who loves the movies or asymmetrical multiplayer games, this was made for you.”

You can keep up with updates on the game through its official twitter, and see the brand-new reveal trailer here. Be sure to also keep an eye on G4TV, who will be doing an interview with Illfonic on the 23rd of March.