Histera: Fall of Human promises a “never-before-seen” multiplayer FPS genre

Histera: Fall of Human refreshes the multiplayer FPS genre with constantly changing environments and cooperative deathmatch modes in a dystopian universe.

Dutch indie game development studio Stickylock Games have a brand new treat in the works for fans of first-person shooters. Histera: Fall of Human seeks to combine classic co-operative multiplayer FPS deathmatches with mind bending glitching environments in a dystopian future.

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From the team that created indie games Woven and Sanity Of Morris, Histera comes as StickyLock’s first foray into first-person shooters, promising to entice players with innovative and interesting new twists to a classic deathmatch.

About Histera: Fall Of Human

Teasing the new game, lead developer Mitchel Alberts promises a “truly unique, never-before-seen” FPS experience from Histera. From a diverse and multifaceted team based in the Netherlands with over 20 years of experience in the software development industry, this statement alone was enough to make our spidey-senses tingle.

In the latest announcement from the StickyLock team on 24th September this year, Alberts described a first-person shooter co-operative deathmatch game with a futuristic, post-apocalyptic backdrop. Based in a world where most humans have already left for pastures new on faraway planets, players are abandoned to fight it out for a chance at escape from the gloomy remnants of an uninhabitable planet that’s falling apart at the seams.

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Master The Glitch

In Histera, simply aiming, shooting, and surviving is never enough. As well as classic PvP deathmatches you would expect from AAA titles like Call of Duty, the flexibility and creativity of indie game development allows StickyLock Games to really mix things up with incredible glitching environments to shake up the arena in Master The Glitch.

Histera: Fall of Human Game News Indie Game Fans News

Just when players think they’ve found the footing in Histeria, StickyLock pulls the rug out from under their feet with dynamic deathmatches taking place in simulation domes. Histera utilizes the full breadth of the Unity engine to provide a wide variety of randomized engaging environments to keep players on their toes as the map changes around them.

Glitch between 3 different locations inspired by distinct historical eras. Battle it out on the prehistoric Pliocene Plateau, storm through Soviet 20th Century Novgorod, and survive the futuristic metropolis of Montorro City. Each environment offers new weapons and new pickups to survive, so players must work together and communicate with teammates to fully use the glitch to their advantage and claim victory over their opponents.

What can we expect from the Early Access release?

While no release date has been set in stone just yet, StickyLock Games have confirmed that Histera: Fall Of Human will release in Early Access on the Steam Store in early 2022.

Master The Glitch is just one of many modes that the development team have up their sleeves for Histera. StickyLock Games has teased that there will be many more modes added into the game during Early Access, with more information to be released in the coming months.

Capabilities for game testing and community feedback through Discord will be factored into development, as well as a Level Editor for players to create their own challenging maps, giving FPS and indie game fans alike plenty to look forward to before next year’s Early Access release.

Histera: Fall of Human Game News Indie Game Fans News

The future of Histera

StickyLock Games are taking a slightly unusual tack when it comes to releasing more information about Histera.

“[I]nstead of coming in guns-blazing, we would rather take you along for the journey”, the development team announced on Discord in mid-August 2021, inviting players to join their Discord and newsletter for further announcements. “Week by week, more will be revealed about the game. We are eager to tell you more.”

While there is an air of mystery to Histera that has drawn us in with more intrigue every week, we’re excited to see more updates along the way.

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