Hypnospace is getting bigger with two new games

Smash-hit success Hypnospace Outlaw is a couple of years old now, and who could have predicted that we’d be getting not one but two new games set in the universe of Hypnospace. Dreamsettler, a spiritual sequel to Hypnospace Outlaw; and Slayers X, a comedy “boomer shooter” from Hypnospace fan-favourite character Zane Lofton.

An official description of Dreamsettler reads; ‘Dreamsettler is an alternate-reality ’00s internet simulator, where you play the role of a digital private eye, trawling the Somnius Sleepnet, finding users to help… and global conspiracies to unearth.

You’ll spend much of Dreamsettler simply browsing the weird and wonderful net, receiving emails from users who need your aid, and downloading apps, games, videos, images and music that should raise your profile, and make you one of the best detectives on Sleepnet.

But soon you’ll be unravelling conspiracy theories and dabbling with a strange and endearing cast of characters, as your role in this online plot gets deeper and deeper, eventually determining the very future of sleeptime computing.’

You can watch the Dreamsettler trailer here:

And, an official description of Slayers X reads; ‘Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengeance of the Slayer is the new first-person shooter from Zane Lofton, aka ZANE_ROCKS_36, aka Big Z Studios Inc.

First started back in the 90s, Slayers X is the story of Zane’s journey to take down The Psyko Sindikate, who are using Hackblood energy to bring evil enemies to life and take over the world.

After Zane recently found Slayers X on an old CD-ROM, he began working on the game again… and it’s nearly, finally ready to show to the world. Thank goodness Zane survived the Hypnospace Y2K Mindcrash, and is now able to bring this slice of joy into our lives.’

You can see the trailer for that right here:

Both Dreamsettler and Slayers X are coming soon to PC and consoles. You can follow both Dreamsettler and Slayers X on Steam to keep up to date.

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