Killer in the Cabin: Co-Op Killer Catching

Killer in the Cabin has you questioning everybody because everybody can be a killer. Craft, survive, and find out the killer before they get you!

Killer in the Cabin is an indie game that has you stranded in the middle of Norwegian nowhere. After a bus crash. With a killer.

And you do not know who the killer is.

Survive, explore, scavenge, craft, and most importantly figure out the identity of the killer before they kill you!

Killer in the Cabin is in early access since November 11, 2021.

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Games People Play

Games People Play is a Norwegian indie game developer. Killer in the Cabin is their first large title on Steam.

However, GamesPress reports that their management comes from Artplant, another Norwegian indie developer. Artplant had released, for example, Block N Road.

Killer In The Cabin Game News Indie Game Fans News
The killer is not the only threat in Killer In The Cabin. You also need to survive the elements and hunger

Killer in the Cabin Story and Gameplay

Stranded in Norwegian mountains after a bus crash, you have a lot on your hands. You are cold, hungry, and need water. To make it worse, there is a killer among the survivors, and he is out to get you!

Killer in the Cabin is described on Steam as a social survival game. It is a co-op, in which you can play with up to eight players.

Apart from figuring out who the killer is, you should look for items, craft, and take care of your needs. However, the runs are pretty short: up to 15 minutes. 

Killer In The Cabin Game News Indie Game Fans News
Killer In The Cabin has you scavenging and crafting

According to the Steam page, you need to communicate with the players to survive and find the killer. Therefore, a microphone is required. 

You can vote on the killer’s identity, with the chosen player dying if voted out. At the end of the session, the nickname of the killer is exposed. 

Killer In The Cabin Game News Indie Game Fans News
Killer In The Cabin playthrough by cyber7148

Of course, the killer’s gameplay is different. You will have a few options on killing off the rest of the players, and you need to be cautious and covert. You can also sabotage the survival attempts of other players.

The killer wins if they kill every other player. 

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November 11 sees Killer in the Cabin released as an early access game. After 6 months, the full release will take place.

Remember to only purchase an early access game if you like the way it looks and plays right now. YouTube videos of playthroughs can help you there.

Killer in the Cabin is most likely to attract those who enjoy co-ops and deduction games. Remember to ready your microphone for the session!


A new indie game Killer in the Cabin was released on November 11, 2021. It is a co-op deduction game. 

You need to cooperate with the rest of the players to survive and deduct the identity of the killer among you. A microphone is required for playing.

You can check the game out on Steam. Remember that it is in early access.