Lost and Hound Video Game

Lost and Hound isn’t Your Average Corgi Simulator

Daisy Ale Soundworks are dropping their new title on Steam, and it features a very smart, yet rambunctious Corgi. Lost and Hound introduces Biscuit, as she travels the world solving mysteries, tracking down criminals, finding lost individuals, and helping others who are in trouble. While she’s no Lassie, you can’t deny that she wins in the cuteness department.

This investigative adventure showcases Biscuit’s superior senses to help navigate and piece together clues to solve mysteries and find those who are lost. Somehow, animals and sleuthing go very well together. In her travels Biscuit will also encounter other animal companions each with their own strengths, and full voice acting, no less. A welcome addition to the team.

Lost and Hound Video Game

Biscuit also has ‘supercanine’ senses of scent and hearing–allowing you to listen in on conversations and pick up information that humans can’t. As with all doggy detectives, Biscuit can go hot on the trail, and sniff out trouble from a mile away.

Lost and Hound is a fully blind accessible title,and as such, Biscuit’s senses are represented by sound cues. As her scent tracks, players are able to hear a low humming sound that changes audio direction and volume to indicate where Biscuit should go. A very nice touch! Or, sound. Why not both?

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The multiple Perth Award-winning and Epic MegaGrant recipient Lost and Hound will be coming to Steam on August 17th.  For more information, visit the official site here and follow Biscuit on her adventures through Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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