Make thoughtful choices in Trolley Problem, Inc.

Trolley Problem, Inc. is a darkly comedic narrative game based on real-world philosophical papers, in which you are asked to make a series of impossible choices from two awful answers.

We all know the trolley problem, inc. a train is barrelling down the tracks straight towards five people who haven’t noticed it, you’re next to a lever that switches the track to only kill one person, do you pull it? Now, published by Yogscast games, you can be put in various situations like that for an entire game, and be judged for your choices.

The developers of this title describe it as a ‘deeply thoughtful and thoroughly awful narrative game which pressures players into making decisions based on genuine philosophical problems and then judges them, and the world, on their choices.’

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Trolley Problem Inc is set to challenge players on how they view the world, themselves and the entire concept of free will, including questions about immigration, corporate espionage, religion and vaccinations. Within the narrative of the game you are being tested as a prospective member of the titular company and the decisions you make are all judged…

“Everything is awful at the moment,” says Samuel Read-Graves, developer of Trolley Problem, Inc. “so what better way to take your mind off that fact by playing something which will make you feel worse? Trolley Problem, Inc. presents some genuinely testing and morally challenging scenarios based on philosophical problems and has been designed to spark debate in a format only possible through video games. The journey isn’t entirely bleak – there are moments that I hope will make players laugh out loud – but ultimately, it’s a game about making hard choices and discovering more about yourself and how your moral compass compares with the rest of the world.”

Trolley Problem, Inc. is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store on 21 April 2022 priced at £8.99 / $10.99 / €10.99.