Scavange the depths in Dave the Diver

Welcome to 'DAVE THE DIVER', a marine adventure game set in the mysterious Blue Hole. Explore the enchanting sea with the main character Dave, and uncover the secrets of the Blue Hole. A deep sea mystery involving three friends, each with distinct personalities. New adventures await!

Announced just in time for Mother Ocean Day (today), MINTROCKET has announced Dave the Diver, set to launch into Steam Early Access later this year. According to an official description; ‘Combining some adventure, a little RPG and splash of tycoon gaming, DAVE THE DIVER plunges players into an oceanic adventure set in a mysterious marine cavern. As they explore the depths of the ocean with Dave, gamers will uncover the secrets behind the big Blue Hole.’

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Offering a variety of gameplay, Dave the Diver has you switching between deep sea exploration, where you dodge giant creatures and catch numerous fish species in constantly shifting topography, and restaurant management, where players can serve sushi made out of the ingredients they have caught. Successfully running the restaurant and earning money allows players to take their exploration even deeper.

However, an unknown creature awaits players in the giant blue hole, making it important to upgrade equipment to make sure you don’t get got.

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Dave the Diver is set to be showcased during Steam Next Fest this summer along with the first ever demo for the game which will allow players to get their hands on the title ahead of its early access launch. Next Fest takes place from june 13-20th, but in the meantime you can wishlist the game on steam now. To keep up with development on the game you can visit the official website.

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