Guns N' Runs Video Game

Shoot, Jump, and Dash in Style with Guns N’ Runs

Pixelheart and Statera Studio are finally releasing a physical version for their stylish platformer, action and shooter game, Guns N’ Runs. This fast-paced title features the usual smooth shooting mechanics coupled with special super powers and dash mechanics.

This physical edition release comes in 3 different versions on the Nintendo Switch: a limited and numbered PAL version, a limited and numbered US version and a non-limited PAL version.

Guns N' Runs Video Game

The limited edition with a unique cover and some goodies will be available only on our website PixelHeart (2000 units for Nintendo Switch, 1000 units for PlayStation 4).

You assume the rolel of eight seasoned members of the Conspiracy squad, shooting and dashing through stylish, hand-drawn pixel art stages against a technopathic prodigy and his army of robots–including 23 bosses. Aside from the plethora of enemies, you get 200 exciting challenges to overcome.

You’ll have access to a variety of weapons, armor, and ways to utilize your dash to overcome your enemies, complete stages, and overall, just have trigger-happy, high-octane fun.

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Guns N’ Runs is currently available on Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Steam with the physical edition coming soon.