TEARDOWN Gets a full release this April!

At the end of 2020, Teardown exploded onto the indie scene. A sandbox destruction simulator with hugely impressive destruction simulations, this game is perfect for anyone who just wants to get out some anger. An official description reads; ‘Teardown is a voxel-based adventure that lets players live out their destructive fantasies with sledgehammers, vehicles, explosives, and more. As the struggling owner of a demolition company, what starts out as some harmless (well, mostly) jobs soon evolves into a more risky proposition. Take on heist jobs that require planning and problem solving. Blow up safes, steal cars, and ransack buildings to meet your goals. Be resourceful and inventive to puzzle your way through each level–there’s no one set solution!’

The environments in the game are 100% destructible and interactive, and it’s even won awards for its technology. Now, the game is getting a full release, and coming out of early access. It’ll have a full base campaign with 40 missions, and already has a robust modding community full of unlimited content, plus a dedicated sandbox mode where you can smash and destroy to your heart’s content. 

Teardown’s 1.0 build is coming to Steam April 21. In the meantime, keep up with news about the game by following Steam blogs, checking out Twitter or joining the Discord here.

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