The Only Antivirus Software You’ll Ever Need…

Sequence the vaccine code and dish out some antiviral smackdown as Smilemo, the plucky little program with a score to settle

Service with a Smile

Your computer is attacked by a vicious virus that smashes your OS to bits, downloads terabytes of bardcore cover songs onto your hard drive and leaks both of your frequently used passwords onto the internet. Norton antivirus? No good. McAfee? Never worked in the first place. The digital savior you’re looking for comes in the form of Smilemo the plucky little program, sole survivor of the virus attack and star of Rexecho and CFK Co. LTD’s upcoming action-platformer about escaping the malwarious jaws of a viral intruder in order to purge it from your PC.

Image Credit: REXECHO

Get Vaccinated

How are you going to purge the virus without access to a heavy flamer? By running, jumping, climbing and air dashing through crisp pixelated levels, finding scattered pieces of vaccine code with the help of the systems  manager. Smoothness and speed will be key to success – if you touch the virus at any point it will send you bouncing around the level until you’ve learned your lesson.

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Image Credit: REXECHO

*Happy Purging Noises*

Once you’ve got the hang of traversing the levels its time to face the final boss, a giant red ball of malware with a mean set of teeth who wants to gobble you up. Avoid it for as long as you can before launching a devastating counterattack and bringing peace to the computer world.

Image Credit: REXECHO

Wishlist Smilemo on Steam now ahead of full release on May 20th and if 2D indies and platformers are your thing check out our review of Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag, or keep riding the purge train to bash some bacteria of the organic variety in Cavity Busters.