Trail of Ayash demo comes to Steam Next Fest

Trail of Ayash is an innovative and exciting open world game focused on the indigenous people, their sturggles and their stories in the Pre-Columbian era.

It’s the time of year again that both indie game developers and fans alike get excited for! Steam Next Fest is upon us, and with that comes another exhilarating demo to try out over the course of the week-long event. Trail of Ayash, an open world action RPG set in the indigenous pre-Columbian era of the western world, looks to be chock full of mythical monsters, harrowing quests, and compelling story-driven moments.

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What is Trail of Ayash about?

In this single player survival game, players are thrown into this tribal world as Ayash, a tribesman cast out from his tribe by his treacherous family. Abandoned and alone, Ayash must make his way in the world and navigate his fears, coming face-to-face with demonic monsters, bloodthirsty rival tribes, and unnatural forces set on bringing about his demise. Explore a mystical world of fire, totems, and occult magic bound to excite and terrify.

Developed by two-person studio Nowsky, Trail of Ayash promises plenty of bloodshed, with themes of cannibalism, execution, and ritual sacrifice, so this title definitely isn’t for any fainthearted players.

Gameplay can be carried out exactly as you choose, whether you’re sneaking and stealthy, or rush at your foes with the might of the gods behind you. With an open-ended story, your decisions as Ayash matter, so choose wisely about who you save and who you slaughter. It may just change the course of your future…

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When will Trail of Ayash be released?

While the game’s publishers RockGame SA haven’t announced an exact release date for Trail of Ayash just yet, the game’s free demo will be available from February 21st to February 28th as part of Steam Next Fest.

Stay tuned for more indie game news to see when Trail of Ayash will be launched.