You can never die in The Heilwald Loophole

After its debut demo in the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2, The Heilwald Loophole was on many people’s radar, the reverberations of ‘where are you going’ echoing in the minds of players for months after. Now, finally, the game is available to buy! In  The Heilwald Loophole, you find yourself in The Heilwald Klinikum, which used to be one of the most renowned medical facilities in Germany, after the appearance of a mysterious loophole.

The Heilwald Loophole Game News Indie Game Fans News

An official description reads: ‘You awaken in a dingy storage room in a pile of rubble and dust. Observing your surroundings you notice a massive hole in the ceiling. How curious. Dazed from the fall and mildy confused you venture into the twisted depths of the Heilwald Klinikum…’ The gameplay of The Heilwald Loophole takes the horror trope of being stuck in a run down asylum and being chased by scary nurses and spooky doctors; ‘but adds an important twist: It is impossible to die.’ ‘Every action, every decision merely opens up a new pathway to venture down, leading you deeper into the Heilwald Klinikum.’

The Heilwald Loophole Game News Indie Game Fans News

You can purchase this game from either Steam or Itch, and it’s less than ten bucks.

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