Bloodshore: Interactive Action, Kill/Stream Style

A violent, blood-soaked interactive action movie Bloodshore came out November 3, 2021. It is an indie game about a TV reality show named Kill/Stream. 

Join a battle royale-style game, in which streamers fight for a huge amount of money. Your choices matter the most. Can you solve the mystery of Bloodshore Island before the game is over? 

Wales Interactive

Bloodshore is a result of the collaboration of four UK developers, including the indie game/interactive movie developer Wales Interactive.

Wales Interactive prides itself on being passionate about video games and supporting indie developers

Bloodshore: Story and Gameplay

In a dystopian world, a bloody reality show Kill/Stream takes place on the Bloodshore Island. Streamers and other entertainers, as well as death row prison inmates, can join Kill/Stream. The survivor will receive a lot of money. 

You play as Nick, one of the contestants. Your goal is to survive and get to the truth of the island before the game is over.

Bloodshore is an interactive movie, which means that your choices matter a lot. Your decision to make friends and find lovers will affect the outcomes of the experience.

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Bloodshore prize

Bloodshore has eight hours of footage, and as you make choices, you will see the results play out

The plot branches into different outcomes, which depend entirely on you. And you can definitely die if you make the wrong choice.

Note that Bloodshore is very violent. Given that the reality show is called Kill/Stream, it makes sense. The developers promise extreme violence, killing, gore, and blood

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Bloodshore choices


Released November 3, 2021, Bloodshore is a violent action movie that you can control through your choices. 

With eight hours of footage, you will get to see the results of your decisions immediately.

Join a battle royale-style game, survive, and learn the secrets of Bloodshore Island. 

Bloodshore is available through many platforms. You can purchase it on Steam.

Bloodshore Game News Indie Game Fans News
Bloodshore reality show: Kill/Stream

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