Nightingale: Playtests are on the Horizon

Inflexion Games is putting a stylish Victoria twist on the survival crafting genre and opening Nightingale up to Alpha and Beta testers soon.

From ex-Bioware general manager Aaryn Flynn’s new studio Inflexion Games, comes the first trailer for Nightingale, a shared world survival crafting game shown off for the first time at The Game Awards in 2021. Based in ‘the fae realms’, a ‘gaslamp’ fantasy universe where all sorts of environments and mythical creatures roam, Nightingale sees players taking on the role of ‘Realmwalker’, travelling through a multiplayer shared world, crafting tools and gear, building farms and establishing communities in order to survive against perils of wildly varying sizes.

The game is currently planned to be a PC-only release and is aiming for a 2022 release window, but interested players can get involved in the coming months as they open up rounds of playtesting ahead of launch. Register your interest and sign up for those rounds of testing by heading to Nightingale’s official website by clicking HERE, and take a look at the reveal trailer below:

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An official description reads: ‘Players venture through portals where adventure and mystery awaits across a myriad of beautiful and increasingly-dangerous worlds. You are stranded beyond our world, cut off by the sudden collapse of the arcane portal network. This catastrophic event has left you – and countless others – fighting to survive in a labyrinth of mysterious and perilous realms. Prepare for a journey of adventure, danger, and discovery – as you search for a way back to the last haven of humanity, Nightingale.’

Aaryn Flynn recently stated that “we wanted to build an intricate fantasy setting as rich and full of history and life as anything we’ve worked on in the past,” and teasing that “The realms of Nightingale are vast and have many secrets to uncover, and we cannot wait for players to start discovering them.”

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